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This was the schedule for our meeting in Brussels, February 16-17.
If you would like to read some of the talks, please visit the presentations page.


Started 14.00, ended 18.00


Welcome and Introductions

Axel Hecht
What's it all about, Alfie!

DOM Internals

Fabian Guisset
DOM current and future plans, DOMClassInfo (technical), XPConnect-JS-DOM interaction

Embedding Mozilla

Adam Lock
An introduction to what embedding is and why to embed Mozilla.
This will be followed by a discussion of the technologies involved and some nuts and bolts of how to do it.

Software Engineering in the Mozilla Project

Christian Reis
This talk is based on a paper that Christian wrote about the software process in Mozilla, and how it integrates with the mozilla webtools.

We will spend the evening having fun, food and drinks in Brussels.


Started 9.30, ended 18.00



Jonas Sicking
This talk will be concerning XSLT/XPath both in Mozilla and in general.
There is a possibility it will be expanded to a general XML in Mozilla discussion.


Jan Varga
Overview of the outliner content model including; history, features, schema, examples, consumers ...

Mozilla talk in lameere, FOSDEM schedule

Peter Van der Beken, Tristan Nitot
Mozilla, the project / Web Standards & evangelism


Gather refreshments and take in some of the FOSDEM atmosphere.


Myk Melez
What it is, why it's valuable, how to use/install/hack on it, future plans, etc.


A chance to step up and show off your Mozilla applications, including ...
* Demonstration of Crocodile Maths and discussion of why Crocodile Clips chose Mozilla as a development platform. (Tim Dewhirst) More info ...
* Nokia Media Terminal (Magnus Gasslander) More info ...

Patch Maker

Gervase Markham
Patch Maker is a Mozilla-oriented bit of software enabling someone to make patches to Mozilla chrome without having to download and use a CVS tree. It has lowered the barrier to entry for XUL/JS hacking.


Robert Kaiser
Discussion of technologies and tools related to these two important topics.

Software Demos

* Crocodile Clips is a software company producing educational modelling software. Our most recent release, Crocodile Maths, is based on Mozilla. This allows us to have a truly multi-platform product, and allows us to easily produce in-page live models i.e. embeded into a page of content which can contain text, images, flash, etc.. This is very useful for schools and teacher, allowing explaination and experimentation in the same document. To allow Crocodile Maths to be developed, Crocodile Clips had to implement SVG for Mozilla (mainly the work of Alex Fritze originally). Crocodile Maths makes extensive use of XUL, XBL, XPCOM, SVG, JS, DOM. The SVG implementation is now part of the Mozilla distribution. You can find more information at

* The Nokia Media Terminal. You can find more information at the Nokia terminal homepage.

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