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Peter Van der Beken

Samuel Desseaux
"I'm a french guy of 27 years . I work as technician support (not very exciting and i will have to look after a job soon) and i complete my studies in computer science at the CNAM in order to become engineer.
In my free time, i like programming ,testing and (sometimes), doing localisations. I use Linux and Mozilla since a long time and have taken part in small projects and now, i'd like to take part in the Mozilla project because it's one of my favorites projects. So, i will be happy to meet the team at FOSDEM and learn more about the project ..."

Gilles Durys

Kai Engert
Kai works on the integration of crypto functionality (provided by lower level C library NSS) into the Mozilla browser application and Gecko engine, (also called PSM), crypto user interface for crypto settings, SSL integration, S/Mime.

Alex Fritze
"I'm employed by Crocodile Clips where a while back I was involved in developing the Mozilla-based geometry program 'Crocodile Maths', which is entirely built from XBL/SVG/JavaScript/XUL and XPCOM components. After a stint working on a Tomcat/PostgreSQL web application, I'm back on Crocodile Maths development, where we're currently looking at speeding things up by replacing much of the XBL code with a C++ 'Extensible Tag Framework'. In my spare time (of which unfortunately there's never enough) I hack on Mozilla's SVG implementation ( , My main interest is in Mozilla as an application platform."

Daniel Glazman

Fabian Guisset
Fabian started working on Mozilla as a Bugzilla triager ("janitor") in 1999. Then he mainly worked on the DOM support, and wrote This will be his second time to give a talk to an audience at a European developer's meeting.

Robert Kaiser
"I'm the maintainer of the Mozilla German Project, doing the - as it seems - most used translation of Mozilla. I'm also doing two themes named EarlyBlue and LCARStrek and some smaller contributions to Mozilla itself (e.g. new look of about:plugins page, localeVersion updates). Many people perhaps know me as "KaiRo" from IRC."

Brian King
Brian is a Mozilla advocate and co-author of 'Creating Applications with Mozilla'. He has written a number of articles relating to Mozilla.

Gervase Markham
Read Gerv's profile over at

Andreas Otte
"I work on necko's urlparser but currently I'm pretty much inactive due to real life work related time constraints. Also interested in the svg module and the xslt processor which I want to heavily use in a XUL application I started to write."

Jonas Sicking
"I started hacking on mozilla late 1999. My mozilla-contributions has mainly been to behind-the-scenes things such as the DOM and the contentmodel and i'm mostly hacking on the XSLT engine. On my non-mozilla time (ha!) I'm finishing up studies in electrical engineering in Stockholm."

Christian Stocker
Christian is the main developer of the browser based (currently Mozilla-only) Wyswyig XML Bitflux Editor. The Bitflux Editor is an Open Source Project which uses a lot of the more advanced features of Mozilla, for example XSLT, XPath, CSS-on-XML and is written completely in Javascript.

Jan Varga

"My interest lies in Mozilla localisation and internationalisation. I contribute to the sila mozdev project (not really as a dev yet but on copyleft and strategy issues as part of my university research on NGO information strategy): the aims of this cool project is to integrate the silgraphite extensible smart rendering technologies for complex non-roman scripts into Mozilla and so bring true multilingualism (think minority languages!) to free software web technologies ( More at )"

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