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3 Get it working

3.1 How to build it

      configure --enable-extensions=default,sql

      export MOZ_ENABLE_PGSQL=1                                                       
      export MOZ_PGSQL_INCLUDES=/usr/local/pgsql-7.3.1/include                        
      export MOZ_PGSQL_LIBS=/usr/local/pgsql-7.3.1/lib


There are also XPI installation packages (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X) attached to the bug. They are supposed to work with Mozilla 1.2.1.

It's not very difficult to port the database support to Mozilla 1.0 (There are even patches for Mozilla 1.0, but unfortunately for mozdb not sql)

3.1 Definition of an alias

Aliases UI

3.1 Test application

      port: 5432 (-1)
      database: mozdbtest
      username: mozdbdemo
      password: mozdbdemo

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