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Mozilla Developers Meeting in Europe 1.0

We had a european Mozilla developers meeting and party on september 23rd and 24th. There were some 20+ folks from all over europe, which was fun. We had sessions saturday afternoon and sunday morning, partying saturday night. As this was our first meeting, the schedule wasn't be very strict. Indeed, we changed it several times a day.

The location was in Eschborn near Frankfurt. The conference was hosted by S.E.S.A. Thanx alot to them, I got great support.

The meeting was composed of several sessions, each with a chairman, who would present some initial information. There was no strict order of the sessions, so we could spend time on the topics depending on interest. We didn't have parallel sessions, which was nice.

We had two PCs, one running Windows, one linux, both had a rather up-to-date nightly running. They were attached to a beamer for display, and had network connection. The setup worked great.

If you want to comment on anything, feel free to use the mailing list, or look at the folks page for a mailto link.

Be sure to check out the images from saturday and sunday, as well as those by Claus Augusti


Starting 14.00, ending 19.00



  Wolfgang Köhler, CEO S.E.S.A. AG
Welcome Address, introduction to S.E.S.A.

Who Is Who

  Jörg Dürckheimer/Axel Hecht
This being the first meeting, getting to know each other is a good thing.

Report Developers Conference 2000

  Brian King
Brian (and others) attended the developers conference in Mountain View hosted by alphanumerica. And was telling us all about it. :-)

Webtools, Bug Hunting

  Dan Mosedale
I found a bug, what now? How do the webtools help in dealing with the source

Community in Europe

  Claus Augusti
What is there to support contributers to the lizard, or application developers, what needs to be done

We will spend the evening having fun, food and drinks in Frankfurt.


Starting 9.00, ending 15.00



  Robert Kaiser
Translating and localizing the lizard

Application Development, Mozilla as Platform

  Axel Hecht
What apps are developed? General procedure, XUL, XBL, javascript, XPCOM


  Claus Augusti
RDF appears all over mozilla, and we all wanted to know everything about it.

Future Actions

  Claus Augusti/Brian King
What events are up? Who would like what? Doing promotions in europe.

We had not enough time to have sessions on XPCOM, but the reports of current developments based on the Mozilla framework was sure worth it.

Some of us went to downtown Frankfurt afterwards, and relaxed on the Main.


Axel Hecht
cellphone: 0049 174 7497614

The eu project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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